Monday, September 26, 2011

Life before Expiry of Life

friends, Just Imagine that if you are able to know about your Date of Expiry ( Means you date of death ) like other products. What You will do ????? Scared ?? In my opinion when you better know about your deadline than you can live better than ever. In my case I will utilize my rest of life properly. I will try to make my desires comes true whatever I wish but I could'nt do during my life. I will spent my rest of life with more fun, enjoy and give it a meaning. 

Friends, as I always wish make "Around the world Trip", Specially to visit once to Egypt to see Pyramids, wants to go Mansarovar, wants to read all good literature books. I want to be a good singer a musician too. etc...etc....
uffff......endless wishes are there.  Anyways.

Friends, Might be possible you think in same direction too. If yes then please post & share your thoughts. 

Or, start thinking that what will happen if your life finishes all-of-sudden.

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